• About the Artwork

    The Stages of Love 


    Acrylic on canvas with Oak Float Frame

    'The stages of Love' was inspired by a visit to my Nana's house. Prior to visting Nana, I had collected a variety of Banksia leaves and pods to observe in my studio. I had begun reflecting on the way in which the Banksias were beautiful at every stage of growth.  At each stage they looked different, but their wonder remained.

    When I visited my Nana I again began to reflect on the stages of growth. I began to think about the fact that, over the stages of our lives we change, our beauty changes over time, but at every stage of life there is beauty in our connections and memories. Just like the flowers in this vase are at differents stages of growth, so too are we.  At every stage we are beautiful, at every stage we fill someones eyes with wonder, just as my Nana does everytime I am in her presence. 




    The Stages of Love